Originality Check

Why Do You Need to Use Free Originality Checking?

Plagiarism is a big issue within education and one that can get you in some serious hot water if you intentionally (or otherwise) submit work that is copied.

 But as Lindsey Wilson College says:

 “Most students know that plagiarism is wrong. But few students can define the concept with much certainty. Since the advent of the Worldwide Web, the ways students think about authorship, research, and source attribution have evolved. Anymore, questions about plagiarism are less about right and wrong and more about what an author is, what constitutes “common knowledge” and what makes our ideas “original”. 

A good originality check free of charge, however, can help you to steer clear of any problems with your writing. It is far better to submit work that you know is totally original than to try to argue your case later with your expert. Many schools, colleges, and universities today will use software of their own routinely to review work submitted by students to see if there is any plagiarism; especially if your writing is unusually good when compared to your usual standard.

Using copied material outside of your education is also an issue. It can in many countries be viewed as a crime so using a copyright checker prior to publication is vital. Original writing will also not be penalized by search engines online, while copied materials may appear lower in searches that the original or even not at all.

How Can You Use Our Originality Check

originality check freeMaking sure that your work is original is very simple through our online plagiarism detector. Our service offers a free check for plagiarism that comes without any other restrictions. Just copy and paste your text into the space provided by the plan checker and it will quickly and effectively review your work to see if any of your sentences are duplicates.

Our check for plagiarism and correct grammar will work by comparing the text within your writing with all of the other information out there online. If it finds any matches then it will highlight the sentence as duplicate and provide you with the information as to where the text was copied from. This check is very quick depending on the length of your text and the number of checks that it will have to perform.

How to Make Plagiarism Correction

copyright checkerIf you have used our copy checker and it has highlighted plagiarized text within your writing you will need to do something about it before you submit your writing. Never simply ignore it no matter how small it may be.

There are really two main things that you can do to correct plagiarized text within your writing:

  • Rewrite the text: paraphrasing or rewriting the text into your own words is often the best solution if the writing and the ideas are your own or simply common knowledge. To rewrite the easiest way is to read the sentence or phrase until you are sure that you understand it and then repeat it in your own words. Simply swapping a few words here and there for synonyms will not always be enough to fully avoid issues with plagiarism so you really should look to ensure that it looks totally different to the original.
  • Provide proper citations: within academic writing, it is acceptable to use other people’s words within your work as long as you give full credit to the original author. This is usually through the use of a citation within the body of your writing and then a full reference within works cited or bibliography section. The quotations should be enclosed within quotation marks to show that it is a quote. It is however not good practice to include many quotes within your writing unless there is a real need to use the original author’s specific words.

Once you have completed any rewriting you should recheck your text through the originality check tool to make sure that the changes that you have made have removed the issues highlighted. Of course with many things prevention is always better than cure.

There are some simple steps that you can take to help prevent including plagiarized text within your writing:

  • Don’t knowingly copy the work of another either in whole or in part and pass it off as your own.
  • If you copy text into your paper for later rewriting do so in a different color so that it stands out and reminds you that it will need to be rewritten later.
  • If you paraphrase or summarize what another has written always carefully check it to ensure that all of the text has been changed to be unique. You must still provide a citation in this case.
  • Be clear on your note taking if you are recording quotation and keep careful records of the citation that you will need to provide.
  • Make your citation when you record the quotation within your writing, don’t expect to remember to find it later.

Use our free originality check for all of your important writing so that you can quickly check your work for plagiarism totally free of charge!