Benefit with Originality Checker for Students

Is a Plagiarism Checker for College Students Really Necessary?

There is a huge amount of pressure on students in all subjects and at all levels of their education to perform. Submitting incomplete or poorly written work is not going to earn you the grades that you need so many students will try to take shortcuts to help themselves. Often this will mean simply copying a paper or other information from the internet. Something that is very simple to do.

Most colleges, schools, and universities, however, will use an originality checker for students such as “Turnitin” which will highlight any copying within your writing. Many students, however, feel that they will simply not be caught or the amount that they have copied is too small for an original content checker to worry about. However, this is far from the reality of the situation.

According to an article in the Independent newspaper over 50,000 students were caught cheating in some manner over a three year period at university. Many of these cases were for plagiarism; usually copying information directly from the internet. With more and more professionals using software routinely the chances of you getting caught is increasing significantly should you turn to copying.

Why Do You Not Want to Get Caught Plagiarizing?

Many students think that it is acceptable to copy a line here and there within their report. While this can be fine if you cite the sources of your information correctly, claiming the writing as your own is another matter entirely. While you may get away with a slap on the wrist in high school and a spell in detention you will find things very different as you advance through your education. Plagiarism is considered serious academic misconduct and the penalties can be very severe if you are caught.

Consider the case of Ohio University senior Alison Routman that was reported with the USNews site. She was found to have used three sentence fragments from Wikipedia, just fragments not even whole sentences, within her paper. She also paraphrased a movie synopsis in her own words from the same site. After a hearing and an appeal, she was kicked off of the program that she was on. Many of the other students have reacted with total disbelief over the matter; however, they are all now very aware of the potential penalty for plagiarizing within their writing.

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How Easy Is It to Get Caught Plagiarizing?

Checking the paper for plagiarism for students is very important if you are not going to unintentionally plagiarize any materials within your writing. Not everyone will blatantly copy, and even if they do they will not always realize that they are actually plagiarizing.

Consider some of the following stories summarized here:

  • A fourth-year nursing student committed plagiarism when writing a paper around different academic writing styles. They had to explain themselves to their expert after simply copying examples that they found on various websites as to how things should be formatted. They also had a second incident when they asked another student to upload information for them, but the referencing information was somehow omitted.
  • A second-year student in Chemistry failed his course with an “F” grade and a four-month suspension when he tried to save time by copying someone else’s lab report. They got away with it twice before finally being caught simply copying and pasting past reports that had been provided to him by friends. Despite being warned not to copy he did so to save time and paid the penalty.
  • A final year business student found that his employment prospects were severely damaged as their plagiarism was detailed there within his transcripts. They had simply accidentally submitted a draft of a final paper rather than the finished article. The draft, however, did not have the required citations for the work that he quoted and paraphrased.

Whether cheating on tests or copying information into your essay the likelihood is that you will suffer significant penalties if you are caught. Yet with care and the use of free originality checking paper for plagiarism for students there really is no need for unintentional copying to slip through. Not using correct citations and references, or forgetting them entirely will be quickly caught if you use a plagiarism student check. Most experts today are checking similarity students work so your chances of getting caught even for simple mistakes rather than intentional misconduct are so much higher.

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