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Do Colleges and Universities Check Originality of Dissertation?

Plagiarism is considered a major issue by all universities and colleges and will be treated as serious misconduct by all. Because of the ease of copying and pasting information from the internet and other electronic sources, it is far simpler for students to simply fill their papers with information from elsewhere. Often this is not done intentionally, the student meaning to cite their sources and quotations or to significantly reword the information at a later date. This is why using a dissertation originality checker is so important before you submit your work. Remember that a quality article originality checker will help you to avoid failure.

One of the most successful pieces of software used by educators to check papers for plagiarism is Turnitin. The Turnitin software is used by some 3500 institutions including 69% of the top 100 colleges in the US. So you can be pretty sure that your paper will go through some form of dissertation originality check before it is accepted.

What Happens If You Are Caught Plagiarizing?

Plagiarism is serious misconduct and as such, you can be removed from your course and will not graduate with your degree. The originality of dissertation content should not be in dispute. If yours is not original you are going to have many questions to answer and will almost certainly lose your chance to get your degree. There is no acceptable limit for plagiarism, your writing must be your own.

Claiming that you have forgotten to cite someone or that you forgot to change the text is not going to be accepted as an excuse. At this point in your education, you should be able to do your citations and references correctly as well as being able to thoroughly check your own work for issues. You are unlikely to get any leniency if your final submission is found to contain plagiarism. So it is vital that you conduct a plagiarism check for dissertation.

In the past papers were not routinely checked other than by the assessors reading through them and using their memory of what has already been written. This has led to some revelations regarding some very famous people and their papers.

The following are some of those that have been accused of plagiarism over their past academic works:

  • Dr. Martin Luther King has been shown to have used significant phrases and passages within his works that were not given proper attribution.
  • Monica Crowley offered a top job by Donald Trump was initially found to have been using many passages in her book that were copied word for word from elsewhere. When her dissertation was examined that too was found to contain dozens of direct quotations that were not given any form citation.
  • Vladimir Putin has also been highlighted as a plagiarist following a study of Russian papers written since 2000. Over 10% were reported as plagiarized in an article in the Washington Post. Since he has defended himself by saying that he failed to check the work of the researchers that he used; something else that is not allowed either as the work should have been his own.

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Why Should Your Paper Be Original?

The originality of dissertation writing should be beyond reproach. After all, you are meant to be making a unique and significant contribution to the knowledge within your specific field of research. While there is always a need to refer to the works of others their ideas and words should always be cited and referenced correctly. Failure to do so shows a lack of academic rigor on your part and puts the whole of your research in question.

How Can You Write Your Dissertation So That It Will Be Free from Plagiarism

At this stage, we are going to approach this from the perspective that you are not simply going to plagiarize work for the purposes of saving time and using information that you would have liked to have written. Many students do end up facing charges of plagiarism simply because of poor discipline when they use other sources of information.

The following tips will help you with ensuring that the level of plagiarism correction you will have to do after using a dissertation originality checker will be minimal:

  • Keep comprehensive notes that clearly show the sources of your information and if you have recorded a direct quotation or paraphrased the wording. Ensure that you correctly cite the information when you enter it within your dissertation.
  • When you paraphrase if you use any of the original wording ensure that it is enclosed within quotation marks so that you can clearly show that you are using the author’s words and not claiming them as your own.
  • If you copy anything directly into your dissertation to reword or attribute later ensure that you do so in a different color text. This helps you to ensure that it will not be overlooked later as it will stand out.
  • Use a dissertation plagiarism checker to review your draft. This will help you to ensure that you will highlight anything that is too similar to anything else that already exists out there allowing you to make changes.

Use Our Effective Dissertation Originality Checker

If you are wondering “how to check my dissertation for plagiarism free” look no further than our comprehensive tool. We can offer you a paper and article originality checker that will quickly and effectively check your writing against everything that has gone before and highlight anything that it feels is a copy. This allows you to be sure that your writing will be unique when you submit the final version of your paper.

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Use our dissertation originality checker on your writing today to be sure that you have avoided any form of copying and have remembered to attribute all of your sources!