Guide on How to Avoid Plagiarism with Paper Originality Checker Free

Is It Important to Check Originality of Paper Prior to Submission?

check originality of paperA thesis originality check using our software or any other plag checker will quickly show if there is anything within your paper that has been copied word for word from elsewhere. Within academic writing, this is, of course, fine as long as you have given credit and cited your source. However, if you have not put the wording within inverted commas and provided an accurate proper citation and reference you could find yourself in some serious trouble as you are otherwise claiming the work as your own.

According to a survey conducted by Rutgers University on plagiarism, almost 1 in 4 graduate students admit to copying information from the internet without making a proper citation while over a third of undergraduates admit to the same. With more and more universities and colleges trying to stamp down on this practice they are turning to software to detect plagiarism such as our paper originality checker free.

This is why you should use our originality checker free online for your paper prior to submitting it to make sure that you will not face any penalties later. Far better to be sure that your writing is unique and that you have given credit for all quotations than to have to explain why you did not later.

The Consequences of Not Preventing Plagiarism in Your Work

how to avoid plagiarismPlagiarism in academic writing goes very much against any honor code that your institution will have and will be considered a serious offense. Convincing someone that you merely forgot to make a citation is not going to be easy, especially if the issue occurs several times. After all, you either did it on purpose or you are a very poor researcher and writer.

Using others words and ideas and passing them off as your own may get your wrist slapped in high school, as you progress through your education and even your career, however, the penalties can be far more serious:

  • Ruined reputation as a student: you may be expelled from the course or even your school as a whole if the offense is seen as being serious enough. It may even prevent you from being accepted into further programs for your education bringing a firm halt to your ambitions.
  • Ruined academic reputation: once a researcher has been accused of plagiarism they may find it almost impossible to get their works published or even to find employment. Take for instance Arizona State University professor Matthew Whitaker. He was forced to stand down after it was discovered that there was widespread plagiarism within the books that he had published.
  • Professional reputation destroyed: who could trust a journalist that has copied his work from elsewhere or a Politician that has copied his speeches from others? Kenny Florian working for Fox News published a review of an MMA fight which was later found to be very similar to a YouTube video made by another commentator. While Lisa Reinforced the Washington Post to have to make apologies after she “accidentally” copied passages direct from the Government Executive in not one but three consecutive articles.
  • Monetary damages: using someone else’s ideas and words is a crime under copyright and you can be sued for damages. One of the biggest payouts was awarded to the Isley Brothers who had their 1966 song “Love is a Wonderful Thing” plagiarized by Michael Bolton in 1991. They were awarded $5.4 million in damages!

How Do You Avoid Plagiarism within Your Paper?

preventing plagiarismKnowing how to avoid plagiarism with the best plag checker is far better than trying to discover it and fix it later. Most students are not going to purposefully plagiarize knowing that the paper that they submit is going to be checked. However, not all are 100% aware of what the rules really are. After all just what is common knowledge for instance as this does not need to be cited. Some also believe that “patchwriting” where you use your own words to join together quotations and paraphrases of others works is acceptable; it is not and will just be considered very poor paraphrasing.

The following strategies to avoid plagiarism should be used:

  • Make sure that you get to know your institution’s policies on plagiarism. These are usually accessible online and will explain to you what is seen as plagiarism as well as the correct way to make your citations.
  • Don’t try to achieve more than you realistically can. Trying to overreach your own capabilities can cause you to make mistakes or take risks that you otherwise would not.
  • Manage your time effectively: if you don’t have to complete your paper in a rush the night before it is due you are less likely to make mistakes such as missing out citations.
  • Keep your research carefully organized: make it clear who the source is and whether your notes are quotations of paraphrases. If you copy into your paper directly do so in a different color so you know it needs a citation and/or paraphrasing. If you are not sure if the information is common knowledge or not take the safe route and provide a citation for the information.
  • Conduct an originality check: using our tool takes only a few seconds and it will instantly show you what information there is in your writing that may be plagiarized.

Use Our Paper Originality Checker Free

Being able to check originality of paper prior to submitting it ensures that you will not face any hard questions later. Far better to be sure that your paper is unique and that you have identified all quotes and cited them appropriately.

Using our checker is very simple and comes with the following advantages:

  • No need to register your details or download anything onto your computer to use it
  • Can be used unlimited times for free
  • Does an accurate comparison of your whole document against all other text online
  • Provides an accurate and easy to understand report on your paper
  • Is almost instant, just simply copy and paste your document into the tool and it will return your results in seconds

Don’t take risks with your writing; use our paper originality checker free to ensure that your writing will always be free of any form of plagiarism prior to submission!