How Article Originality Checker Can Save Your Time and Nerves?

Why Do You Need to Check Article Originality?

Whether you are writing an article for a blog or a publication you will want to ensure that it is unique to you. Often your reputation will rely on your honesty and copy what someone else has already written is not going to help you. Not only that plagiarism is also illegal. Representing someone else’s ideas and words as your own can leave you open to claims under copyright.

So making sure that your writing is unique using an article originality checker is a wise step even if you are pretty sure all of the words are your own. There are times, however, when you will have used other’s research and ideas to back up your writing. While this is acceptable you will want to ensure that credit is given where it is due to correct citations and references. Failing to provide that credit is also considered plagiarism, no one will accept that you forgot as an excuse. Using our free check for plagiarism takes just a few seconds and could prevent a huge amount of problems later. Knowing how to check an article for plagiarism is a vital skill and one that should not be neglected if you are to protect yourself.

Why Is Plagiarism So Bad?

Using an article plagiarism check is something that you should always do before you publish something, whether you are the writer or the person going to publish the work. Using plagiarized materials leaves you open to legal claims as well as damaging your reputation. Used online it can also harm your rankings as it is rare that a copy of anything will rank higher than the original material.

While students may be removed from their courses for submitting work that is plagiarized others have lost whole careers for simple copying:

  • Mike Barnicle had a career with the Boston Globe spanning some 25 years. That is until it was spotted that he had plagiarized a book published many years before within his column as well as making up names.
  • Joe Biden is probably one of the most well-known plagiarists in the US. He was forced to withdraw from the presidential race when it was discovered that large amounts of his speeches were copied from those of the British politician Neil Kinnock.
  • Jonah Lehrer was a writer for the New Yorker, that was until it was discovered that he was plagiarizing and recycling his own materials. He was also found to have made up some of the quotations that he used.
  • The journalist Fareed Zakaria of CNN and Time magazine was suspended from his job after it was discovered that he had used a paragraph original published in the New Yorker for his column in Time.

Add to the above the many song “writers” that have been sued over the years, book writers such as Alex Hayley that has reached out of court settlements for their plagiarism and the list will go on almost forever. Of course, not everyone will copy something intentionally. Often their plagiarism is due to poor note keeping or failing to paraphrase correctly. This is why using an essay originality checker is so important.

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How to Write an Original Article

Rather than having to check article for plagiarism you should work right from the start to avoid the issues in the first place.

Assuming that you have not purposefully gone out of your way to plagiarize then the following tips will help with your writing to make sure that you don’t get accused of plagiarism:

  • Keep comprehensive notes so that you can make the correct citations and references for all information and quotes that you use within your writing.
  • When you copy information into your article to rewrite later ensure that you do so in a different color. This will help ensure that you don’t forget to rewrite it into your own words.
  • Ensure that you use quotation marks and proper citations when you use someone else’s words verbatim within your writing.
  • If you rewrite article to avoid plagiarism or even short phrases within your article check one against the other to ensure that you have not reused any of the original wording.
  • Use our article plagiarism checker free of charge to confirm that your writing is totally original and without any copying.

Why Use Our Article Originality Checker?

Before you publish an article anywhere you should always check that it is unique to you. Our tool to check the article for plagiarism will provide you a quick check that will highlight any issues allowing you to fix them.

The advantages of our tools over many of the others out there are that it is:

  • Totally free to use no matter how many times you use it
  • There is no registration process or software to download
  • It offers an almost instant feedback on the originality of your writing
  • The results that it provides are fully accurate

Avoid making harm to your reputation and bank balance by using our article originality checker today to make sure that your writing is completely unique!