How Thesis Originality Check Can Improve Your Paper

Is Originality Verification Done on All Theses?

Every college or university that you are likely to attend will inform you that plagiarism is seen as serious misconduct and that you will not graduate if you are caught cheating. It is as simple as that. The problem is that many students still feel that they can get away with copying a few lines here and there or they simply fail to attribute the information that they have used within their paper. While they may have gotten away with this in the past it is almost impossible to do so today. Be sure, through our professional dissertation originality checker you will receive the best.

Almost all institutions will use a thesis originality check to assess your writing and to see if it is unique to you. Turnitin, for instance, claims to be in use in 140 countries supporting 15,000 institutions. So you really do need to assume that your paper will go through a dissertation originality checker before it gets its final review.

Using a check for plagiarism and correct grammar and spelling should be a standard step in your writing process if you want to avoid any issues later. If you are to reach graduation and gain your academic degree then you really do need to make sure that you are not accused of copying, there are few panels that will accept that you “forgot” to make proper citations.

The Penalties for Plagiarism in Your Thesis

As serious academic misconduct, plagiarism could cause you to be thrown out of your institution causing you to fail to graduate no matter how much hard work you may have put in. This is something that you really do not want to be accused of whether you have done it intentionally or not. Most colleges and universities will have you face a panel to explain yourself. If you are lucky you may be faced with probation or suspension. The most likely outcome, however, is that your education will be at an end.

Before the widespread use of thesis plagiarism detection using software, it was very much down to those reviewing the paper to spot any plagiarism. This was obviously very difficult in many cases. Russia, for instance, has been examining papers from 2000 and has found that more than 10% have evidence of plagiarism including that of Vladimir Putin.

Other cases include:

  • Senator John Walsh of Montana was shown to have plagiarized around a quarter of his thesis by an investigation by the New York Times.
  • Another person outed by the New York Times was Stephen Ambrose, many of his books such as Band of Brothers were found to have whole passages lifted from other works.
  • Jane Goodall well known for working with chimps in Tanzania was accused of plagiarism after passages in her books were found to have come directly from Wikipedia and even astrology sites.

avoid plagiarism with thesis plagiarism checker

Make Your Thesis Original

While a thesis plagiarism checker will help you to catch your problems it is often far better to address the problems at an earlier stage and prevent any possibility of copying right at the start. On the whole many reasons for plagiarism of the accidental variety stem from poor note-taking and poor writing practices. Address these and you will not be having to go through your work to try and correct any possible plagiarism issues.

So the first stage should always be to follow these tips to prevent plagiarism within your work:

  • Never knowingly copy anything into your writing without giving proper attribution in the form of a citation and reference at the time that you copy it in. Don’t rely on memory to go back and do it later.
  • If you copy anything into your work to rewrite at a later date use a different color so that it is clear that you will need to work on it. Again you cannot rely on your memory to show you what needs changing.
  • When you rewrite anything to check the wording that you have produced to ensure that you have not repeated any of the original text. If you have either use inverted commas to show that they are direct quotations or change them.
  • Remember that even if you have reworded something so that it is unique you must still provide a citation to show where the original ideas were taken from.
  • Keep very robust notes when you review your sources. Ensure that you collect all of the information required for citations as well as noting whether you have recorded a direct quotation or have paraphrased or summarized what was said.

Use Our Thesis Originality Check

If you want to know how to check my thesis for plagiarism without having to spend a fortune on software that you may never need again then our tool can help you. Our easy to use tool will let you check thesis for plagiarism online totally for free. Simply copy and paste your document into our plagiarism checker online for thesis papers and let it do its work. Our checker will then compare your writing to all other writing that can be accessed through the internet allowing you to see if anything has been unwittingly copied.

Our specialized tool offers you:

  • A quick and effective method to accurately check your paper for copied text
  • A report that is easy to follow allowing you to see what has been copied
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Don’t go through months of uncertainty or get pulled up for plagiarism by using our thesis originality check to confirm that your writing is all your own work!