Original Content Checker for Your Website

Why Is It Best Not to Use Duplicated Web Page Content?

original content checkerMost people that have websites will already know that quality content that is unique will rank higher than poor and copied pages. Copying the text of another page elsewhere on the internet is not likely to get you ranking within Google or the other search engines. These search engines know which is the original and they will almost certainly rank the original higher than any copy. So using an originality check free will help you to make sure that your writing is indeed unique.

Rewriting content that someone else has written, reusing past posts, poor control over guest posts and many other reasons can result in you ending up with plagiarized content. Use too much and spread it over the internet and you could easily end up with a penalty for spam reducing the rankings of even your original pages. Using a unique content checker tool is one way to make sure that you avoid any of these issues while providing your readers with unique and relevant content.

Checking Your Website for Plagiarism

plagiarism check websiteThere are many plagiarism checker websites out there including ours. They offer you tools that will be able to quickly and effectively search the internet to find any copies of your text. They are not limited to simply discovering if the whole page has been copied verbatim. They will be able to identify individual sentences and even short phrases that have been copied.

Using a plagiarism check website can be done in two ways, you may use it to check content prior to publication to ensure that you will be providing your readers with unique text. Alternatively, you may be looking to see if anyone else has copied your own text. There are many websites out there that “scrape” and copy other sites as well as many unscrupulous “writers” that will try to pass your work off as their own. This is actually illegal and you can take action against them for infringing your copyright.

Benefits of Using Original Content for Your Site

check duplicate contentWhile the search engines can check duplicate content and will use this information to decide your rankings this should not always be your first concern. Often searchers will find many pages when they search that are often so similar that they will instantly click away as they already know what is going to be said. To succeed online you need to provide the reader with what they are truly looking for and not simply regurgitate what is available of thousands of other sites in slightly different words or by simply copying and quoting.

Good original content that offers the reader something that is totally different from what the competitors do will often end up ranking higher as you will have better interaction with the readers. Google, Bing and other search engines will use information regarding how the readers interact with your site to see where they rank you. If the visitor reads the whole page and looks for more information within your site you can be sure that you will rank better than a page where the reader reads the first couple of lines and then clicks away because they have already read that information elsewhere.

How to Ensure That Your Content Is Unique

While a web page originality check free can tell you that you have a problem and need to fix it, you will often want to avoid the problem in the first place.

The following are some simple tips that you can follow to help you to ensure that you avoid plagiarized content in the first place:

  • Take care when copying information to reword: we will often copy information from elsewhere into our own writing with the intention of rewording or paraphrasing it later. Do so in a different color text so that you will not forget to change it later.
  • Don’t allow more than 2 words to remain the same when you paraphrase: poor paraphrasing will often be picked up by a website page originality check. To ensure that you take great care when paraphrasing to not duplicate any of the original wording.
  • Use correct citations and referencing: there may be times when you want to use another’s specific words. Ensure that you enclose them within quotation marks and give credit with a correct reference or link back to the original. You should also get permission if you are looking to use this information online.
  • Don’t blatantly copy: this both unethical and also illegal in many cases so you should avoid it at all costs. Ensure that you always write your own information from scratch.
  • Use a website page originality check to make sure that your writing is unique to you. Our originality checks free is a perfect way to ensure that your writing is not going to get flagged as copied.

Why Use Our Original Content Checker?

Whether you need a personal statement originality checker or you want to confirm that your post is unique our tool is here to help you:

  • By using our tool you will benefit from:
  • Unlimited checks of your content online
  • No need to register or download any software to your computer
  • Extremely easy to use: just copy and paste and our software generates your originality report
  • Instant results: our originality check will quickly check your entire text to see if there is any duplication
  • Accurate: if you have copied anything intentionally or unintentionally our software will find it

Make sure that your writing is always going to be unique and avoid any legal or ranking issues by using our tool. We offer you a quick and easy method to check your writing; even if you are sure that you have not copied anything.

Always avoid any plagiarism claims and penalties on your site with the use of our highly effective and easy to use original content checker online!