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What Is Copyright and Why Is It So Important?

essay copyright checkerIf you create something such as a piece of writing, a song, a film, or even a painting, photograph or pair of shoes it is your intellectual property. You have the exclusive rights to profit from its use and to decide what is done with it. You have a legal right to control its use and if anyone infringes that right you can sue them in a court of law. Paper originality checker free can help you in that case.

Works are automatically protected by copyright law as soon as they are created and as the creator, you are within your rights to take civil action against anyone that infringes your rights. A free online copyright checker can help you to find anyone that may be infringing your rights, it can also help you to ensure that your work is indeed unique to you.

There were over 5 thousand copyright cases filed in 2015 in courts in the US so this is an area that is actively pursued. Some of these cases make the headlines such as Aquazzura against Ivanka Trump due to her allegedly copying their shoe designs to sell $145 replicas of their $700 shoes. Meanwhile online, Google processes some 2 million requests each and every day for copyright takedown notices. Under the

Digital Millennium Copyright Act the original author of anything online can ask that copies be removed from the search results and that the infringer also remove the material from their site. Most people that regularly publish material online will use a copy checker to find those sites that plagiarize their work. Often a copyright checker online will turn up dozens if not hundreds of copies depending on the area in which you are publishing.

How to Create a Copyright

content copyright checkerUnder US copyright law you automatically gain copyright as soon as you have created something, as long as it is unique to you. This also covers anything that is created and placed online such as a web page, graphic, or another file. You do not have to register your creation with the Copyright Office. However, that may limit your ability to claim damages later.

In many cases, this will not matter as long as you can show that you were the original creator. Online this is usually quite simple as the search engines such as Google with have a record of when your information first appeared. Offline this can be harder to prove. A “poor man’s” copyright is often suggested when you mail your creation to yourself. The date stamp proving that your piece of work existed prior to that date.

Copyright is also a fairly universal concept as this from Stanford University Libraries demonstrates:

“Copyright protection rules are fairly similar worldwide, due to several international copyright treaties, the most important of which is the Berne Convention. Under this treaty, all member countries — and there are more than 100, including virtually all industrialized nations — must afford copyright protection to authors who are nationals of any member country. This protection must last for at least the life of the author plus 50 years, and must be automatic without the need for the author to take any legal steps to preserve the copyright.”

What Happens If You Ignore Copyright?

paper copyright checkerOnline if someone copies your work you may issue them with a DMCA request which will require them to take down the copied material. If the person infringing your rights ignores you then you can also submit to the web host who has a duty to remove the material and to the search engines such as Google who will remove them from search so they cannot be found. Otherwise, you will need to take them to court and sue them for damages. Of course, there is little point in doing this if there are no damages to be had. However big brands such as Gucci will do this on a regular basis as will high street icons such as MacDonalds. However, there is a case such as Daniel Morel who sued Getty Images for selling photographs of the 2010 Haiti earthquake from his twitter account. He was awarded $1.2 million in damages as even though he had shared the pictures through twitter they were still his property.

Online using a content copyright checker in conjunction with the DMCA allows you to quickly and easily remove copies of your work with a minimum of fuss and without the use of the courts. Even if the website that has copied your work does not take your request seriously the host and the search engines will.

Protecting Your Copyright

For you to have a copyright your own work must be original to you. So using a paper copyright checker for your own work is a vital part of the process. You must show that your own work is indeed unique to you and any areas that you have quoted are given the correct citations. It should be noted that while you have the right to cite anything within your academic work the same is not true for other uses. If you want to use someone else’s information within a book or a website verbatim you should seek out their permission.

Our free copyright checker can be used on a regular basis if you want to see if anyone is using your writing without permission. By putting your text into our essay copyright checker it will highlight all other sources that have used your writing in part or as a whole.

Use Our Free Online Copyright Checker

Using our paper originality checker free is simple. Just paste your original work into the box provided and the software will review the internet and provide you with quick and accurate information as to where your writing has been copied. Using our essay copyright checker free will also tell you if you have copied anything within your own writing or failed to make the correct citations.

Protect your rights and take the right action by making use of our highly effective and accurate free online copyright checker for all of your written works!