Why to Use Essay Originality Checker?

The Importance of an Essay Originality Check

essay originality checkFrom an early stage in your education, you will have it drummed into you that your own writing should be totally original and unique to you. Submitting work that is copied is considered plagiarism or copying and you will be punished severely for this major academic misconduct. But with information so easy to find on the internet it is all too easy to copy something even if you did not intend to commit plagiarism. This is why using an essay originality checker is so important.

An originality checker free online can help you to avoid submitting an essay that will contain any hint of plagiarism. Most schools and colleges will conduct an originality test on a large proportion of the work that is submitted. So your chances of being caught, even if your plagiarism is accidental, are very high. This is why it is best to test your papers to make sure there is not any copying that you could be penalized for.

Why Is It Bad to Get Caught for Plagiarism

essay plagiarism checker freePlagiarism is not something that you want to get caught doing. Forgetting to add a citation may be excused or the punishment may be a reduction in your grades for the first offense. But continued plagiarism or more blatant cases may be treated severely. A recent case reported in the NY Times regarding cheating at Harvard claimed that dozens of students were forced to leave a class and were put on probation after as many as half of the class submitted identical answers on a take-home exam.

There are many examples of students that have been expelled from classes or even college entirely for plagiarism and it is something that you will, therefore, want to avoid. Using a good online plagiarism detector to identify and similarity between your own writing and that of others should be standard practice to protect yourself and your future.

Why Submit an Original Paper?

how to check essay for plagiarismEnsuring that your writing is unique is not just about avoiding getting picked up about copying. A unique and well-written essay will show your ability to fully understand the subject around which you are writing and your ability to put your thoughts down clearly in writing. Being able to write an excellent and original essay will help you to improve your grades and understanding in your subject areas.

While always writing from scratch is required you will still need to refer to the ideas and words of others within your work. This will need to be correctly cited, quoted and paraphrased within your work and you may still want to use an essay originality check to make sure that you have not made any mistakes.

How to Avoid Plagiarism in Your Essay

While using our essay plagiarism checker for free is very simple you will still want to make sure that you take the time to ensure that your essay is written in an original manner right from the start. This will be far easier than messing around later trying to correct things.

The following tips will help you with writing that perfectly original paper while always avoiding any form of plagiarism:

  • If you have the choice, choose a topic area that no one else will have chosen. This is not always available to you, but if you can select your topic choosing something obscure can make for an essay that will be totally different to what everyone else in the class will be writing.
  • Take the side that no one wants to argue: maybe you want to argue that capitalism is not the way forward for western economies. Using a seldom considered side of an argument can really earn you some extra brownie points.
  • Don’t just use Google for information: the local library or the college will often have heaps of information on your subject area that is simply going to be very different to the information that most students are going to discover when they make a search online.
  • Use analogies: if you have to explain something it can often help to make your explanation in a way that others will understand by comparing it to something else that may not be obviously related.
  • State your opinion: while you may be busy searching for quotes and others supporting evidence you may actually forget that at times it is perfectly acceptable to add your own unique personal thoughts and opinions around a subject.

Use Our Essay Originality Checker

If you want to know how to check essay for plagiarism then simply take your essay copy and paste it into our tool and your check will be done for you in just a few moments. Our essay plagiarism checker free tool will let you know if your writing is truly unique. It will also highlight anything that you have quoted so that you can be sure that you have provided the correct citations and references.

Using our essay originality checker provides:

  • A totally free service without any limits to how many times you can check
  • No need to register your details in order to use the service
  • Very simple process – just copy and paste your essay and off you go
  • Quick and accurate results that are easy to understand

Don’t take risks with your writing. Use our essay originality checker on all of your writing to ensure that you can confidently submit work knowing that it is unique to you!